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There are many places to see such as Yume no Tsuribashi, Sumatakyo Onsen, Sessokyo Onsen, Kawane Onsen, Okuoikojo Station, Oigawa Railway and SL!載!

Kawane Tea, Gibier and Hot Springs!

Visit Japan's Beautiful Mountain Village!

Special discounts at 52 shops and facilities

Take advantage of 106 special offers!

Shimada &

Kawanehoncho, Shizuoka



One books that are essential for travel.

A first in Shizuoka Prefecture, Okuoikojo Station was awarded the "Cool Japan Award 2019" (Sponsored by the Cool Japan Association), which is given to valuable cultural locations and tourist spots etc. in Japan by judges from around the world.Soaring above Sesso dam, this railway fascinated the world as something "Cool" with a station that gives the illusion of floating above the lake.106 special offers! Valid until August 2021.Special discounts at 52 shops and facilities in Shimada & Kawanehoncho, Shizuoka!


Okuoikojo Station wins the "Cool Japan Award 2019"


This Secluded Lake Station is Now Known Around the World as "Cool".


Valid until August 2021. 106 special offers at 52 shops and facilities!

  • The number of times a coupon can be used at one shop / per person depends on the shop. (1-4 times) * Coupons cannot be used without having a KAWANE PASSPORT book.

  • Services provided vary depending on the shop.

  • Please present your "KAWANE PASSPORT" when you enter the shop, order a meal, or pay your bill.Also, don't forget to get your stamp when settling the bill.

  • Some services offered by participating stores are limited in quantity.Please note that they may be sold out.

  • Some services and coupons cannot be used together.

  • ​Please be aware that there may be some differences from what was shown in the magazine.

  • YouTube公式チャンネルでスペシャルムービー公開中!

Special Movies on YouTube Official Channel.

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